Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell us YOUR censorship story.

Steven Leyba and I want to hear YOUR censorship story for our Censored and Silenced project!
If you had problem with your art being censored and censored for no good reason IE you don't paint naked little kids.Which to me that WOULD be a good reason for getting censored but apparently not.This applies to any medium of art,from visual art,to film,music ect.
If you have a problem with it also we'd like your input on it.
You can either post your story in reply to this post or email it to
Please make sure to include links to pic's,your website if you have one and also a email addy where we can contact you if we need more info.
Steven Leyba and Ugly Shyla
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  1. I've had an insane amount of photos deleted from Myspace. I can provide links to the ones I remember, but there are many that I don't. They really hate my photos I guess.

    This one is not even a real photo, it was me messing around with my new Nintendo DSi and for some reason "vomiting" faux painted flowers is to inappropriate for myspace...

    I have an entire series of photos which myspace deleted. I had the folder titled "Free Abortions"
    With this set I think I originally posted 8-12 photos.

    And they left me with this one..First of all I had three photos that looked EXACTLY like this, there was a small variation in the cigarette position.

    I then uploaded them all and more in a Black and white format which that time I uploaded 18-22 pictures, and they left me with 12. I really don't get their standards of what's acceptable. I see my photos as entertainment and only rarely do I take them seriously.

    I had also taken photos of my friend in zombie make-up I did of her. The photo was almost immediately deleted.

    I've seen photos of underage girls getting their nipples pierced. Women get to post photos of them and their huge pregnant bellied and be nude. I don't see how one persons opinion of what is offensive gets my photos deleted and some how get the ones that are just flat out wrong not deleted.

    My boyfriend made a song "the abortion song", simple enough, which was deemed to inappropriate for youtube, yet they allow people who post videos of their basic lack of intelligence. It's really ridiculous.

  2. Myspace blocks my photography site as a "spam" site.

    I've emailed them numerous times for a reason or to explain that it isn't, but only ever receive canned replies on how to access my page if it has been spoofed.

    I think it's hilarious that sites like suicide girls don't get blocked, but mine does.