Thursday, April 23, 2009

About this project.

From Steven:Ugly and I are pretty fucken sick of being censored as artists so we are going to compile a book "CENSORED & SILENCED"
In a debased sex & violence fueled culture it is pretty INSANE that artists who address the issues of living in a sensationalist global culture are censored.
I was told half me life "Express yourself any way you choose" and the other half, "You can't do that kind of art"
Please tell us about your art being censored............we need material for this book!

From Ugly Shyla:Steven Leyba and I ( Ugly Shyla) want to do a project together.We are sick of being censored even having some of the more tamer pieces of our work being censored while some other artist paint nude sexualized young boys and girls.But they are allowed the freedom to do that because they are greasing the right palms and are the popular asses to kiss.All the while people act like me and Steven should be burnt at the stake for our work.Including my work AGAINST child and woman abuse.And Steven's work like his Sexpressionist portrait's featuring ADULTS with various pictures of genital worked into the pieces.All of this involving consenting adults.
In my career as a artist which is about 13 years since I started young.I have had to fight tooth and nail to get my work in some galleries because they don't want to touch my work with a 10 foot pole,I have had my myspace deleted,and photos deleted of my work calming they were "violent content" I have even had my whole website deleted,I have from the very beginning had to establish myself as a fine art doll artist with NO help from the fine art doll community.Because my work was to "offensive".Which doesn't sound like it would be a big deal but imagine being a painter and you aren't allowed into the art community.You can't show in their galleries,you can't be in their magazines,you can't advertise on their sites ect ect ect.I don't know how the hell I managed to establish myself but I did.
The majority of the time if asked to perform somewhere I will be asked "exactly what are you going to do,so we can see if we approve of it" this usually being at places where a fetish act would be perfectly ok,but I have to get the 3rd degree to see if I will offend the delicate sensibilities of somebody who is expecting a show of women getting beaten.
I will admit some of my work is a little extreme but that is because the horrors of the world are extreme and I want to give society a unabashed look at itself.Which apparently doing that is way worse on the social ladder then painting sexualized little girls.
So long story short we are sick of it.If you also have the same problem and are censored for no good reason IE you don't paint naked little kids.Which to me that WOULD be a good reason for getting censored but apparently not.If you have a problem with it also we'd like your input on it.This applies to any medium of art,from visual art,to film,music ect.

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